Work-A-Day Week


How we designed the
Illustrations and Borders

The Sisters Farren have bridged the gap between old school
techniques and hi-tech methods when illustrating Work-A-Day
and the Work-A-Day Week Activity Sheets. Although Sheila
and Robin are both working artists and illustrators, they have
arrived at their current places along very different paths.

Sheila has been exploring a more traditional path of pen and
ink and pencil drawing, as well as water color and acrylic
painting, while teaching kindergarten and high school art.
In keeping with this tradition, when designing the borders in
Work-A-Day Week, the career paper doll outfits and the games
in the Work-A-Day Week Activity Sheets, Sheila chose to work by
hand with pen and ink.

Her wonderfully detailed and whimsical borders are filled with
captivating hand-drawn illustrations specific to the career,
chore or activity in each illustration, and the career outfits are
a delight for all.

Robin, on the other hand, has emerged from years as a creative
director and professional graphic designer, as a hard core mac
addict. Most of the artwork she does is digital, and her media
of choice is Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, a Wacom tablet
and a macintosh computer. All of the main illustrations in
Work-A-Day Week were created in Painter, then imported into
Photoshop for fine-tuning.

Sheila's beautiful borders were scanned and joined with Robin's
marvelous illustrations in Photoshop. To hear more...

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