Work-A-Day Week Activity Sheets
by The Sisters Farren 
Price: $9.95
Availability: August 2004
Reading Level: 4 through 8
Edition: Unbound, 50 pages
Publisher: ScarecrowEducation
Overview: Work-A-Day Week Activity Sheets
provides your child with hours of fun and
learning. The sheets include games to play
alone or with friends; career paper dolls for
girls and boys; and creative color and cut
projects, including a mobile, a 3-D birthday
cake and so much more! Included are:

Little ones learn better when it feels like play. The projects in the
Work-A-Day Week Activity Sheets help them enjoy learning the days
and numbers, and the open-ended elements spark their creativity.
The games also encourage youngsters to become good sports
while taking turns and polishing their social skills.

Designed as a companion to the Work-A-Day Week storybook by
a teacher with many years of early childhood experience, these
delightful activity sheets are invaluable tools for any teacher or
parent. Story starters, practice pages, and color and cut projects
are perfect for classroom learning centers. The file folder games
are ideal for independent drill, or to play with one or more friends.

Convenient and easy to store, the Work-A-Day Week Activity
were printed on single sheets so that you can easily copy
the exercises and let your child enjoy them over and over again.
Instructions on how to assemble and store each game, as well as
learning objectives and suggestions on how to play are included.

Children will delight in the career paper dolls as they dress the boy
and girl figures in the many outfits and uniforms, and dream of
their own futures. The Job Jumble card game will tickle their funny
bones as they mix and match and let their imaginations soar.

Work-A-Day Week Activity Sheets is skillfully designed for teachers,
home-schooler, or parents who just want to have fun learning
with their child.


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