Work-A-Day Week
by The Sisters Farren 
Price: $14.95
Availability: August 2004
Reading Level: 2 through 7
Edition: Paperback, 32 pages
Publisher: ScarecrowEducation
Overview: Work-A-Day Week is a wonderful
way to teach children the days of the week.
The lyrics to this delightful children's song are
enhanced with 23 charming illustrations, 28
exquisite hand-drawn borders, and a music
chart with chords for guitar or piano.
As a picture book with lots of repetition and a manageable
word list, it is perfect for children ages 2-7 and can be used at
home or in school. Work-A-Day Week is ideal for teaching units
common to all early childhood classrooms: days of the week,
careers and families.

All children are fascinated by what their parents do while at
work. Work-A-Day Week shows men and women busy at home
and at interesting and diverse careers Monday through Friday.
Children have their own work with school and chores. Each of
the three weeks depicted, ends with families sharing fun time
together on Saturday and Sunday.

Work-A-Day Week is beautifully illustrated to reflect the diversity
of happy, modern families working and playing together.
Children can have fun finding Milo the Mouse in every illustration,
and an adorable bumblebee and robin hiding in every one of
the 28 detailed borders. The borders are filled with captivating
drawings specific to the career, chore or activity in each scene.
Children, teachers and parents alike will spend hours discovering
them all.

Work-A-Day Week will become a staple in your home library or
classroom. Long after the lesson has been learned, your children
will find hours of pleasure pouring over every page.

Take a look at the Work-A-Day Week Activity Sheets. Designed as
a companion to Work-A-Day Week, the activity sheets will provide
hours and hours of fun and learning for your child.

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