Work-A-Day Week was written as a way to teach young children
the days of the week, but it turned into much more than that.

It is about responsibility, a strong work ethic, and the diversity of
modern life. But most of all, Work-A-Day Week is about love and
family. And w
ith 32 pages of exquisite hand-draw borders and
delightful illustrations, it will become a timeless family classic.

Designed as a companion to the Work-A-Day Week storybook
by a teacher with many years of early childhood experience,
these Work-A-Day Week Activity Sheets will provide hours and
hours of fun and learning. And every parent knows that there is
nothing more fun than watching your child learn. The package
contains 50 loose pages that are easy to copy, so your kids can
use them over and over again. the games and 3-D color and
cut projects come with simiple instructions for assembly and
storage. They include:

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