Teachers’ Tools
Work-A-Day Week was
written to teach children the
days of the week. It is perfect
for children ages 2 to 7, and
will enhance teaching units
that are common to all early
childhood classrooms:

days of the week, careers, and families.

With lots of repetition and a short list of only 37 different words,
Work-A-Day Week is suitable for emergent and beginning
readers and could be easily translated into other languages for
use in bilingual classroom.

The intricate, hand-drawn borders are designed to help spark
vocabulary development and categorizing skills, and the
charming illustrations reflect the diversity of modern families.
Inside the book, the designers used a rich brown ink reminiscent
of Make Way For Ducklings.

Work-A-Day Week Activity Sheets
The Work-A-Day Week Activity Sheets will provide children
with hours and hours of fun and learning.

Little ones learn better when it feels like play. The projects in the
Work-A-Day Week Activity Sheets will help them enjoy learning
the days and numbers, while the open-ended elements will
excite their creativity. The games also encourage youngsters to
become good sports while taking turns and polishing their
social skills.

Convenient and easy to store, the Work-A-Day Week Activity
were printed on single pages so that you can easily copy
the exercises and let your kids enjoy them over and over again.
Instructions on how to assemble, store, and play each game—
as well as learning objectives outlining the skills that particular
game or project develops are included.

Designed by a teacher with many years of early childhood
experience, these wonderful activity sheets are an invaluable
tool for any teacher, home-schooler or parent who just wants
to have fun learning with their child.

We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed making
them. The Work-A-Day Week Activity Sheets include the

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